“I took advice from Kimbolton Financial Planning 18 months ago. This was mainly to sort out my pension which was going nowhere. This has now been moved to a much better place where I am very happy with the progress. As part of the process Gary discussed with me the issues that would arise from me having a serious illness. I am self employed and invoice weekly so basically if I don’t work I don’t get paid. Well, back in November in the middle of working I had a heart attack, quite a shock I can tell you. I have no history of it in my family and I consider myself to quite fit and healthy for a 52 year old! Well, it happened. Luckily it wasn’t ‘too major’ and within 6 weeks I was able to go back to work on light duties. This did mean, however, that I had no money coming in for 6 weeks and this was a big problem. The policy that Gary arranged for me paid out within 4 weeks and gave me enough money to replace my lost income and quite a bit besides. I know I have been very lucky, but without the advice from Gary I would still be in a very stressful situation paying back the debts I would have accrued. It has also allowed me to carry on with light duties for a couple of months longer which has really helped my recovery. Thank you Gary, it has made a world of difference to me and my family.”   Mr D – St Neots