‘My son has extra needs and I didn’t know how to protect the family with this in mind’

Brendan is on the autistic spectrum and has a helper at school to give him the extra attention he needs. My husband provides for us and I deal with most of Brendan’s needs. If either of us, or both of us died I would love my parents to take care of Brendan but he will need more care than most. His educational needs are not as simple as ‘pick a good school for him’. I need somebody in a similar situation who can have a say in this area of his life.

This was dealt with perfectly by Gary at KFP. We now have policies that pay out if the worst happens but the trusts have been set up in such a way that my best friend (who has a daughter with similar needs) will be involved in the decisions about Brendan’s schooling. Gary even came out to visit my friend and explain to her what she will need to do in her capacity of trustee. Gary has also sorted out our wills to compliment the advice that he has given’. I am so relieved this all now sorted out. Gary explained everything so well it all makes perfect sense.’